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Lakes and Mountains of Switzerland
Lakes and Mountains of Switzerland
Enjoy breathtaking views, invigorating mountain air and exhilarating train rides as we take you on a panoramic Alpine tour.
8 Days from £1,243
Alpine Adventure, Bernina & Glacier Express
Alpine Adventure, Bernina & Glacier Express
Feast your eyes on lush pastures, chocolate-box villages and snow-capped peaks on this exciting Alpine journey, riding the famous Glacier and Bernina Express trains on the way.
13 Days from £1,325
USA Coast to Coast USA Coast to Coast
Experience a once-in-a-lifetime rail journey across the most diverse country in the world! Your photo album will include the Statue of Liberty, the White House, the Wild West, the Rockies, the Grand Canyon, Hollywood Boulevard and the Golden Gate Bridge.
21 Days from £3,458

Low deposit offer on USA 2014/15 tours

If you book a USA rail holiday between 16th November 2013 and 28th February 2014, a low-deposit offer of £100 is available to secure your holiday.

A railtour is a special train which is run in order to allow people to experience rail travel which is not available using timetabled passenger services. The 'unusual' aspect may be the route of the train, the destination, specific sections of railway track (for example, freight-only lines), the locomotive hauling the train, the rolling stock (passenger carriages), or any combination of these. Organisers may own or hire locomotives or rolling stock, or tours may be organised by railway management or other bodies outside the railway fraternity. Perhaps the most famous railtour in England was the Fifteen Guinea Special, the last steam hauled main line train run by British Railways. Railtours are often identifiable through the use of a train headboard, often identifying the name of the specific tour or the tour operator. On TOPS, railtours are always given a 1Zxx headcode.

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